Monday, May 07, 2012

Random Thoughts

~ While reading today I uncovered two strange Amish dishes, Creamed Celery and Pretzel Soup. Hmmm Not sure how I feel about either of them, but I'm willing to try the soup if I can find a recipe.

~ If I review a song, I make $10.00 per review, if I do an album it is $15.00. There's something wrong there, but I'll gladly do a bunch of song reviews!

~ Speaking of music, why is just about everything out these days crap? Am I getting old, or is music getting lame? Where is Elvis Costello when you need him?

~ Peter Noone & Gary Puckett in Uniontown in Nov. Damn that's wrong. There's no way I'm buying tickets for a show in Nov, in May. No way!

~ The night shift people at McDonald's can whip up a better coffee then the people on the day shift. Isn't that strange?

~ 2 Broke Girls finale = Awesome, In Plain Sight series finale = Suck!

~ I must see Dark Shadows! Who wants to baby sit mom and dad?


Mike said...

Just put on Journeys greatest hits and hit the repeat button.

Janelle said...

I never pass up good show tickets. That landed me at the Nutcracker alone, but whatever. I'll take the risk.