Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Daily Rants

It is Sunday so my rants will be of a religious nature.

1. I have a dream that one day people of the USA will be able to worship freely without someone ramming their beliefs down our throats, and that those beliefs will be kept out of our laws. I'm so sick of Christian values affecting things like abortion (I wouldn't do it myself, but it is a woman's right) and Gay marriage (Really, gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage? I thought it was all the billions not respecting their vows?)

2. If church choirs would actually make a joyful noise unto the Lord rather than a GODAWFUL SOUND. Our Music Ministry is headed by a girl fresh out of college, who thinks her middle aged crew of caterwaulers are sopranos!

Guess what chicky! They aren't! And even if they were...YOU DON'T WANT THEM SINGING THAT HIGH!

3. While we're discussing singing out of range, stop changing the sung prayers to versions that are too high for the choir/cantor and congregation to sing a long with.

4. Note to Father Jerry: Golf stories in relationship to the gospels = sleeping congregation when it comes to your homily. M'kay.

I'll never get that hour of my life back....


Mike said...

#1 - Hey there watch it!! Your starting to make sense. That can get you into big trouble these days.