Friday, May 18, 2012

Damn You Redbox

I love renting DVDs from Redbox. It is cheap and the selection is usually pretty good, considering I'm usually on the lookout for movies that just made it to DVD.

We have a lot of Redbox kiosks in our area. Most of the major grocery store chains have one.

You are supposed to be able to reserve a copy of your movie online or on your smartphone, so you can pick it up later.


Not if you want to rent a movie from the Giant Eagle in Monongahela.

It doesn't take reservations, which is why I'll be watching New Year's Eve tonight instead of One For The Money.

Here's hoping the Giant Eagle in Belle Vernon has it tomorrow, because I really want to see this damn movie.

I'm reserving Woman in White ASAP next week, because I'm not waiting to see Daniel Radcliffe looking hot. (God do I feel like a dirty ole lady now)