Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Doctor's Piss Me Off

My mother had her blood work done last week, which is all well and good. Well, Thursday the doctor's office called and asked for me, even though mom answered the phone.

They proceeded to tell me that most of her numbers were good, but her renal numbers were up and had the doctor talk to us about dialysis.

Now this upset me, but it was the doctor that my mother doesn't see that read her blood work and we were told mom's doctor would call on Monday.

Well no call came yesterday.

Also I found her paper work from her June blood work and the numbers weren't much different. She has also been on an antibiotic for a month for oral thrush..which can affect creatinine and BUN numbers.

I'd like to take that doctor and beat her with a stick, because she gave mom palpitations all weekend.