Thursday, July 12, 2018

My New Bucket List Place

Ok, so I've been reading Beverly Lewis' The Ebb Tide, which is a sweet little work of Amish fiction, and the vast majority of the book is set in Cape May, NJ.

I've not been a huge traveler in my life, but there are several places I'd love to see someday, Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands in NY is one of them. After reading this book, I'm adding Cape May to my list.

I started Googling Cape May last night and I started drooling. I have to admit, I love what I've seen of the Jersey Shore. I've been to Atlantic City a few times for Moody Blues concerts, and anyone that knows me, knows my love for that city, but Cape May! OMG so beautiful!

Lighthouses and Victorian architecture! Absolutely stunning.

I just want to go and take loads of pictures, and sit in the sand and stare at the ocean. Oh and I probably want to drink some pretty girly cocktails!

Its about twenty minutes south of Atlantic City and very near to Stone Harbor.


Now I'm thinking of the Stone Harbor Grill which keeps on popping up in my Facebook feed with photos of their gorgeous food.

Now I have something new to dream about.


Mike said...

I'll meet you in Cape May in the vacant lot at the corner of Pittsburg and Missouri.