Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Waiting For Good TV

I think Christmas is the only day when I might find a show that's enjoyable to watch. (Well besides The Librarians on Sunday night)

I've given up on Big Bang Theory, which jumped that proverbial shark a few seasons ago. Its getting less and less funny with each episode.

I'm not a huge cop drama fan or a med show fan either, so there's just nothing on for me anymore.

I'm waiting on Doctor Who and Sherlock.

On a plus there is the Hairspray live special on tomorrow. That may be worth watching, because I love that musical, and there's actually a pretty good cast for this one. (Heck even Ariana Grande is pretty good..and Martin Short is downright awesome)

But I miss having a show or two that I really MUST WATCH and right now, there's just nothing. I can take or leave just about everything that's on.

There's just nothing quirky enough for me anymore. Everything I loved in the last few years got the ax in the first season or less, Forever, Selfie, Super Fun Night.

I'm left watching reruns of The Jeffersons, All In The Family and Barney Miller.



rashbre said...

I've been watching that Westworld which is on regular telly over here. Quite quirky and a bit dark.

Also Humans S2, which is pretty good.I don't know if you'd get Humans though, which is a Brit series, adapted from a Swedish version?

Another thought is to simps watch a few of the Xmas movies. I'd start with some of the direct to DVD ones, as a kind of 'overture' before getting to the big ones like Miracle on 34th, Trading Places, Scrooged, Beautiful Life etc.