Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In A Year Of Sadness...Things That Make Me Happy

OK, Debbie Reynolds dies one day after her daughter....a few hours after telling her son that she missed her daughter so much, she wanted to be with her.

So if that doesn't make you cry, you are inhuman.

So to keep myself from getting too depressed about all the death...

Things that make me happy

~ My furbabies

~ My family (though not all the time)

~ Good tv shows like Sherlock, Doctor Who and even People Of Earth for a bit of mindless fun.

~ Good books...heck at this point even bad books that can transport you somewhere else.

~ Chocolate

~ Starbucks coffee

~ Cookbooks

~ Baking


rashbre said...

Yes, a difficult year with some surprising twists and turns. I've also enjoyed Doctor Who (only saw it yesterday!) and its pleasing to see an episode with the light touch humour of old.

Festive greetings.