Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Shopping

I used to love shopping. It used to be the thing I enjoyed the most in life

At some time I became a responsible adult and now it is probably my most hated thing I have to do.

Christmas shopping is something I do mostly online, though I have to say, I found a lot of nifty gifts at KMart.

Why does the holiday have to be so much about gimmie gimmie gimmie?

I'm sick of going broke and working myself to death for people that don't care. I'm broke enough as it is!

I'll be cooking for people that don't give a crap..and now I'm buying presents for them?

This isn't right.


And this is why so many people hate the holiday season.


Diane said...

So don't do it, Andrea! I stopped years ago and, although I got some nastiness from those selfish ones, I didn't care! I started thinking about all of this when I would give gifts to some of the nieces and nephews (bar mitzvahs, communions, confirmations, etc.) and NEVER got a thank you card! We're not talking about giving a gift of $20 here! I had enough and said, sorry, no more. It's not about gifts, it's about what the season means and we've gotten so far away from it all.

*stepping off my pedastal* :)