Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting Organized

I'm doing my best to get my life sorted out in the new year.

I'm also going to make my life less stressful in the new year.

I plan to limit my time on Facebook, because that site has caused my nerves to spiral out of control with all the political hatred.

I can't take it.

I really want to hide under a rock for the year and just bask in all the books I've acquired in the last year.

My reading has declined in the years since my father got sick and passed. I want to change that. I want to embrace all the books in my life as they are far more important than facebook games and making my blood pressure go through the roof.

I also hope to go back to enjoying music again, which I haven't really done in ages. I probably stopped loving music, when I started writing reviews for stuff that I didn't want to listen to.

I want to get my book collection cleaned up and my TBR pile shrunk.

Are these resolutions?


To me they are just goals that I may or may not accomplish in the coming year.


rashbre said...

It sounds like a great plan. I've also been 'simplifying a few things to stay closer to the stuff I want to do.

Best wishes for 2017.