Friday, March 06, 2015

Things I've Learned

First, let me say, life sucks. But as I've taken over the running of our house there are other things I've learned. (The life sucks part is a given).

1. No one ever helps with the dishes.

2. Putting things away is a job that only I am capable of doing.

3. I am the only person that knows how to fold clothes or hang them.

4. When you've been cold for so long, the sub zero temps don't feel so cold anymore. I swear I could live amongst the Amish if I didn't like the computer so much.

5. Cooking is a thankless task.

6. Laundry doesn't do itself.

7. Snow is evil and it needs to go away.

8. We need more chairs and more space.


Bilbo said...

Cooking isn't necessarily a thankless task. If you come down for a visit and cook for us, I guarantee we'll thank you! And we'll even help with the dishes.

Nikki-ann said...