Monday, March 09, 2015

Watching Justin Hayward

My nephew told me that our local PBS station was airing the Justin Hayward special tonight.

It has been ages since I've listened to him, let alone watched anything like that.

It really is beautiful video and it gives the world a chance to see that he still has an incredible voice.

I had to draw comparisons to Paul McCartney as I watched. Justin is 4 years younger than Paul, but he sounds 100 times better. As much as I like Macca, his recent performances leave me wishing he'd retire.

I loved hearing the new songs live, since I wasn't able to see him in concert when he came to Pittsburgh, and likely won't be able to see him again ever, as life has made seeing concerts pretty much impossible. But more than the new songs, it was hearing New Horizons, Your Wildest Dreams and, of course, Question live.

If you have a chance you have to watch this video.