Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easy Meals

In the last few years, since cooking has fallen on my shoulders, I find myself looking for the easy peasy recipes for weeknights.

I usually save fancy stuff for weekends.

Well, today while I was watching Food Network, I saw an interesting take on sloppy joes. It was on The Pioneer Woman.

Can I just say, I really do not like Ree Drummond.

When ever she says she has to have her recipes approved by hungry cowboys, kids and her...I want to say, try to find recipes that will be approved by hungry old people and a finicky twenty something that works in food service.

No joke, my youngest nephew won't come over for dinner if we order out.

But back to The Pioneer Woman. She was doing multiple recipes that used her meat sauce. One of them was the Italian Sloppy Joes. I am not one to make my own sauce.

I liked the concept, but it just isn't easy enough.

I think when I make my version of Italian Sloppy Joes I think I'll use this one

Because I like meals that are easy and different. (And don't require me using the broiler)


allenwoodhaven said...

Another thing about Ree Drummond is that her portions are really small. If she's feeding hungry cowboys and kids, then they would want to eat a lot of food, but she doesn't give it to them. They must always be hungry.

A very easy chili recipe from my bachelor days:
cook hot italian sausage (not in the skin) in a frying pan and pour off the grease. Add tomato sauce and drained canned beans (I used kidney but you can use black beans or whatever you like). Heat until hot and serve. The sausage has all the spice needed and it doesn't take hours to simmer. It's not bad, if I do say so myself...

rashbre said...

We don't really have Sloppy Joes here, although a near equivalent would be a chilli burger (which here has chopped beef), I suppose.