Friday, August 17, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 Songs From Your Favorite Genre

Geeze my favorite genre.....I guess I'll go with Classic Rock.

1. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Man Out Of Time: I absolutely love this song, so much so that I wrote a songfic about it a few years back.

2. Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind: This is what power pop is all about.

3. George Harrison - What Is Life?: Probably one of George's finest from his first solo albums

4.The Moody Blues - Gemini Dream: I love this song, actually I love all of Long Distance Voyager.

5. Gordon Lightfoot - Race Among The Ruins: My favorite Lightfoot song, hands down!


moodymistress said...

All great picks...and omg, the songfic! I haven't thought of that in ages. I loved that fic.

rashbre said...

Great fun to do.

Seeing your Gordon Lightfoot pick, a couple of weeks ago I was passing a busker in London when I noticed he was just starting a Gordon Lightfoot song - "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" - and unlike most buskers who do a couple of verses of whatever song - he played and sang the whole lyric. I stopped to watch and listen.