Saturday, August 04, 2012

Civil War

My brother is a Republican.

I'm ashamed to say that.

I've known that for awhile, and I've lived with it, but recently he's turned into another person. A person full of hatred and spite and bigotry. I know he didn't learn that from mom and dad.

On my birthday I got into it with him, via facebook messages and text messages. (A fight that started over a post I made about Faux...erm Fox News)

It escalated from there.

I defriended him and everyone in his family from Facebook.

I got a verbal tirade back from him.

I don't have a brother now. I will not acknowledge that man in Canton as my brother.

The other day the mother of a friend of mine, messaged me on Facebook to tell me he did much the same to her.

I post my views on Facebook. Occasionally I'll argue a point with someone, but I won't swear at them on their wall post that wasn't directed at me.

I don't know what happened to the man I called a brother, but whoever took his place is a wanker and I'm ashamed to know him


Mike said...

The Republicans (notice I didn't say conservatives because they're not) are beside themselves that Obama might win again. And It's making them literally crazy.

Jim McKee said...

I'm a conservative, and I'm one of the nicest, kindest people you could meet. And I've known several liberals who had ALL the same issues as your brother.

There exists a (false) meme that all conservatives are like your brother. I've met MANY conservatives, including some at Tea Party events, and they were very pleasant, very patriotic Americans who didn't hate anybody.

The conservative movement backs all of the following individuals:
Allen West
Bobby Jindal
Nikki Haley
Tim Scott
Susana Martinez
(Amazingly, none of them are white.)

Also, I would advise you to go to YouTube and search for "Zonation". Good stuff.

moodymistress said...

A very, very similar situation has happened with one of my family members. It's an extremely uncomfortable situation and I'm sorry that you're dealing with that too. :(

Janelle said...

Conservative Republicans are getting to be a very rowdy, intolerant problem. I don't know what it is, the paranoia levels with them are ridiculous now, not to mention downright cruelty--and the hypocrisy! Both sides are capable of it, but the conservative vitriol these days is upsetting.