Sunday, August 26, 2012

Every Election Year...I Think The Same Thing

Why do Republicans seem to think that women want to have abortions all the time.

I'm pro-choice, though I do not believe that abortion is the right way to go most of the time. However, if it weren't for a D & C my mother would have been dead before I could have been born, because of a hemorrhage during a pregnancy.

But when you listen to these wing nuts, you would think that a woman wakes up in the morning and decides she wants to have unprotected sex so she can get pregnant and have an abortion.

It really doesn't work that way.

Plus if you are truly Pro-life, then you shouldn't be for the death penalty. You also should want social programs as well, because you don't want to see any life ended prematurely. There are starving children in this great country of ours, ya know.

I'm so sick of asshats pretending to know what's good for my body.

However here's a thought, maybe if we taught our children more about sex and the consequences and didn't force them to grow up at such an unbelievably young age, maybe some of the abortions would stop.

I wish the stupid would just stop! 


Mike said...

'..maybe if we taught..'

There you go getting all crazy logical on us.

Bilbo said...

Mike's right. And you aren't the only one wishing the stupid would stop!