Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Real Update

OK, so I'm hating most everyone right now, but that's nothing new. I'm a crabby bitch and that can't be changed but here are some of the things going on right now.

1. Found a bunch of photos I forgot I took when cleaning out some old discs around my desk.

2. Sister decided to schedule a vacation and not tell any of us until the last minute. She has promised me that I will get Saturday to do whatever I want. Really? Whatever? If I wanted to go to Sugarcreek, OH, I'd have to be up and out of town by 6, I doubt she'd be here ready to take care of mom and dad. Plus no one will be around to go anywhere with me.

3. I can't get anything accomplished on weekends, because my father is a PAIN IN THE ASS! I love him to bits, but he won't sit still and he's driving me crazy! Or perhaps the term is crazier!

4. Chicken Romano @ Riverhouse Cafe is totally awesome. This should be on the menu all the time it  is so good.

5. Started dejunking my room. Going through CDs I've had for review that I'm never going to listen to again. I may do a giveaway for some of them.