Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updating the Updates

~ Santorum is out of the race for President. I'm sad that the decision came about because of his daughter's health, but I am damn glad that wingnut isn't going to be in the White House. Dude is bat shit insane!!!!

~ Hop is the cutest movie ever!

~ Still slacking on the laundry front. I hate laundry! Have I mentioned that?

~ Could not call in payroll until 3 o'clock today. That is a total ARGH thing. I hope our checks come in on time. I have a feeling they won't though.

~ I've read 50 books so far this year! Woo hoo! My goal is 155 so I'm actually ahead of myself! Can I get a woot for that?

~ Manage to spend 30 minutes on an exercise bike. The only reason why this makes me happy is that I spent 30 more minutes reading! When you combine exercise and reading I'm a happy girl!


Bilbo said...

Woot!! You're ahead of me in the reading department! Good on ya!