Monday, April 16, 2012

On Religion and Politics

Two subjects that shouldn't be discussed in polite company.

I often wonder how a country that is supposed to have freedom of religion is controlled by bible thumpers. Of course I always thought freedom of religion meant that there would not be one religion controlling the government, not that religion had no place, but I guess it is a Catch 22.

However I want you all to read this passage.

I often wonder how the republicans say they love Jesus when they don't practice as he preached. See Jesus was a bleeding heart liberal and if this passage is to be believed, his apostles with socialists.


It all makes me shake my head...because it is further proof that the only thing that matters is greed. I understand that spending needs to be cut, but programs that help educate people and help seniors and the less fortunate should never be cut.


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I believe Jesus encouraged his followers to "Feed the hungry, heal the sick, and clothe the naked." In today's environment, that would probably get him condemned as a Communist or worse.