Sunday, April 22, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

From Larissa's Bookish Life

This week's theme:

Reasons I'll Quit An Author

I'm going to say this, I've not quit many authors, some I may even come back to...but here are things that will put me off an author.

1. I'm dead but I keep turning out books: aka V.C. Andrews. Did you know she only wrote The Flowers In The Attic series, My Sweet Audrina and I think the first two of the Heaven series...She died when she was writing the prequel to Flowers In The Attic. All the other books were ghost written, and poorly at that.

2. A series that goes on and on and never gets anywhere. I've tried reading the Kathy Reich's Bones series, but I quit, because there were too many books, and let's face it, Brennan is much more likable on TV then in print.

3. An author that keeps writing the same book over and over again. Ever find an author that you like, until you realize they just keep putting out the same book again and again with different character names?

4. The author writes about one thing only. I can't deal with books that are always just about vampires, mummies or the holy ghost. Truth be told, I think vampires are getting old. REALLY REALLY OLD!

5. The heroine from hell. If your character resembles Bella Swan in any way, I will not read on. I don't know how so many people continued on with Twilight, because Bella should have been vampire bait in the first book. Oh and see # 4 for yet another reason, why a certain author has been quit by me, even though there are 3 more of her godawful books on my TBR pile.


Natasha said...

haha! Great answers. I haven't read any of V.C Andrews novels. I just never had to urge to pick them up. I agree with the ghost writing though. Not a fan.

Here's mine, if your interested:

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

great picks!! the dead author thing is so creepy!!!

also in the case of the vamp diaries books, that they changed the author... I will not read anymore...

Vamps ARE getting old! LOL and I love vamps =P