Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Day In The Life

After yesterday's Cat-astrophe, I decided to take things a bit easier today. I basically did nothing that required me leaving the house, after 10 o'clock.

I went to the grocery store again, to pick up some cheese, so the dog could take his anti-biotic. Can't remember what other things I bought. They must have been really exciting, then I headed of to McDonald's for breakfast.

Can I just say that the Cherry Berry Chiller, or whatever it is called, is really good? I love these new drinks at McDonald's. The coffee may not be Starbucks, but it is good enough for me!

I managed to do the laundry and I made two meals.

I made potato soup for lunch. An easy recipe I found in the Centre Market Cookbook and then I had city chicken for supper with home fries.

Good eats.

I did finish reading one book too.

Not a bad day, and certainly much calmer than yesterday, so I am thankful for that. Now if only tomorrow weren't Monday.

Oh and I managed not to watch any news, so that my head wouldn't explode. Election coverage pisses me off. Actually all political stories make me want to hurl rocks at my tv set. But I think most of you know that by now, right?