Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sometimes Cheap Eats Are The Best

I hate when fast food places try to fancy up the menu.

When I go to McDonald's I love the basics, McDouble, Quarter Pounder and for the chicken sandwich, The Southern Style on a normal bun!

I hate those fancy buns they use on the other chicken sandwiches. It is too much bread! (Kinda like a certain hamburger at the same place)

I may be a carb-o-holic, but bread is not one of my weaknesses. Ask my dogs. They've eaten more buns over the years, as well as pizza crusts, than any other table scraps.

My cats, however, prefer pasta sauce. Go figure.

Cheap eats are always the best when you've gone the whole day on a 20 oz of Coca Cola and 20 oz of coffee.

Actually almost anything edible is good then!