Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let's Talk About Climate Change

OK, some of you don't believe that climate change is real.

I feel sorry for you.

The climate of the earth has been changing...

Dinosaurs are gone...we've had an ice age.

Sure with some there was an meteor or something that caused the changes to the planet, but what about what's going on now.

Why are the ice caps melting?

I think what people really don't understand is that in the last 200 years we've had more developments that caused us to use our natural resources. Coal and other fossil fuels send gases into our environment. Not to mention what we do when we drill.

I wasn't the best student when it comes to science, but I understand that there have been changes in the weather where I live in the 42 years that I've been alive.

I remember there would be days at a time when it would rain. I can't really remember when we had all day rains for any amount of time.

Our changing weather patterns alone should make people wonder.

How much of this is man made?

Heck if its even a small percentage, why don't we want to do something so that we don't speed it along. After all, this is the planet we hope our children and grandchildren etc will make their home.

Why do we want to waste money on coal when we could be researching clean energy. Why aren't there more wind farms?
Seriously, why would you want your husband, father, brother, child working in a coal mine?

Yes, we need more blue collar jobs, because not everyone is suited for college, but couldn't they be in industries that aren't sending our planet to hell.

Granted if you are like me and keep a tin foil hat in the closet you might think, "Hey, Mars might have had life and look at it now."

Maybe I'll just wait for the aliens to come and take us somewhere else.


Mike said...

There may be hope. Have you heard that scientists have discovered how to change CO2 into ethanol, cheaply? Now all they have to do is scale up the process. Keep your fingers crossed.