Monday, August 01, 2016

The Grandma Bunny

Little bunny rabbits make me think about my grandma, which is nice,  because I've been haunted by the last image I've had of her for a very long time.

See, I was the one that found her after she passed.

The first time I saw a bunny in her yard, I could see her smiling face again.

My grandmother loved to see bunnies in her yard. Her face would light up like a child's when there was one bouncing around the yard.

This bunny has been hanging around near my office for awhile. What's special about this little fluff butt is that he lets me get pretty close. Close enough to get a decent picture with minimal zoom.

I know if my grandma could see this little guy she'd be beaming.

Love you grandma, and I miss you so much.