Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rushing The Season

I was at the store yesterday doing  my usual shopping when I came upon the creamers.

One part of the store had all the pumpkin stuff. (geeze)

The creamers were all ready for Christmas.


Spiced Latte, Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha (Not to mention pumpkin spice on the other side of the refrigerator case)

Can I just say that this is absolutely nuts.

It is the middle of August.

Isn't it bad enough that Halloween candy is out. (Seriously decorations I can deal with but if I buy Halloween candy now, it will be eaten long before anyone can come knockin' at the door).

I can't even begin to think of either holiday when its so darn hot outside that when you step out of your door you start to melt.

PS...any city dwellers see flying roaches yet?


Mike said...

So, it's time to start buying Kit Kats in bulk? And then hope there are enough left by Halloween?

Bilbo said...

Our local Costco had both Halloween decorations AND Christmas ribbon on display in July. Oy.