Friday, August 19, 2016

Clarify This For Me

I always make the mistake of reading political posts on Facebook.

I never should do that, for several reasons:

1. It makes my blood boil.

2. It makes me question the intelligence level of most individuals in this country.

The one thing I don't understand when people are bashing Hillary Clinton is their use of the word warmonger.


So let me get this straight, carpet bombing Isis is fine but helping Syria is not? Voting for the war in Iraq was bad, even though a good deal of Congress voted the same way...cos they were lied to by the Commander in Chief about weapons of mass destruction?

I'm still in belief that most people who don't like her are scared of her because she has more balls than they do. (Bigger ones too, I'm sure) I also think she's smarter than most of them too.

One thing is for sure..I'll be glad when Nov 9th comes around, but for the most part, I'm terrified of that day too.


Mike said...


Diane said...

I'm terrified also. I'm sickened by what's happening to our precious country that our fathers fought so hard for. Although I'm a bleeding heart liberal, my dad was a Republican. I cannot imagine in a million years that he would vote for Trump. He must be spinning in his grave.

The other thing about FB is I just cannot take reading all the animal horror stories. It just tears me up. I keep thinking about giving it up but, then again, there are the good stories and keeping up with friends.