Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hey She Likes It

3 of my kitties had birthdays this week.

Midnight and Mr. Rimba (Skimbleshanks) were born on the 23 and their sister KitKat was born on the 24th.

I bought them this nify little scratching post for their 8th birthday.

I can't believe that they are that old already. It makes me said to think they are getting old. I love my fur babies so very much.

I was beginning to worry that they weren't going to like the gift much. Several of my other kitties have taken up residence in the box that it came in.

(There's one cat in the box right now)

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning to find KitKat on the perch.


Diane said...

Great cat stand! I have quite a few in the house. Sometimes it takes them a couple of days to warm up to them.