Friday, August 12, 2016

Days Gone By

I went to the Farmer's Market in Monongahela today. Its my favorite market in the Mon Valley. They have everything. Three local farmers come, a local coffee shop has drinks, there's other food vendors and a lady with jellies, jams and relishes.

Today I bought a jalapeno jelly, which got me thinking to days when my daddy was still with us and mom was able to get around.

Why is this jalapeno jelly part of my memories?

Well when we'd go to Lancaster on one of our summer jaunts, we'd always go to Kitchen Kettle Village and they had all sorts of great jellies, etc.

Dad would sample them all.

One of the things we'd get there, before all the gourmet jellies made it to our side of the state, was red pepper jam and jalepeno jam. It tastes best on a fancier cracker with cream cheese to cut the heat.

We sat at the kitchen table and have our snacks.

I miss that so much.

I know that things change in life, but why do the good things have to slip away?


Bilbo said...

Jalapeno jelly ... another of the reasons I like you!

Mike said...

I would have to just watch you eat jalapeno jelly. From a distance.