Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You Can Never Go Home

I went back to the old house today to get some more stuff out. Mostly it was to get stuff out so I could take it to Goodwill or the library or wherever.

My brother in law, is going to take the house, and so far he's gutted the place. It isn't pretty.

It looked so lonely and so small, even though it is a much larger house than the one I'm living in now.

I'm tired and hurt and if there wasn't so much stuff that needs to come over here I'd never set foot over there.


Diane said...

I'm confused, Andrea - didn't you want to buy the new house? If it wasn't exactly what you wanted, why did you buy it? It took us over a year to find the right house to make sure it fit our needs. A home purchase isn't something to take lightly or do quickly. Maybe you did this too quickly after your dad's passing?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm kind of homesick, but in the process of taking more stuff out of the old house I'm kinda getting used to things. It really is perfect for our situation, but it is taking much longer to get settled then I expected.

Diane said...

I know. Change is good sometimes but it does take us a bit to get comfortable again. Getting settled does take some time but it will happen. You need less stress and I hope the new house will do that for you. I've moved all over the country and the one thing I've learned is that a house is just a house - love, memories - that's all inside us. I hope you have a stress-free and happy weekend.