Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stupid Cell Phones

I hate cell phones.

My Virgin Mobile Supreme is about years old and in cell phone years, that's pretty old. It was a pretty good phone too at the time. It was about $200 when I bought it.

Now there's nothing comparable to it.

All Virgin Mobile offers are the cheap bottom of the barrel phones or the super expensive Galaxy/iPhones which I neither need or want.

My service month is nearly up and I use between 1-2 GB of data and I pay $59.50. I'm actually getting 8 GB of data for that price, not that I have a phone that will do anything to use it.

It is so frustrating especially when your phone is on its last legs.



Bilbo said...

We're in the same boat. Agnes and I each have an iPhone 4S with the smallest available amount of storage. They're slow, and they don't have enough storage to even update to the latest version of the operating software ... even if the innards of the phones could do some of the new things that software will let them do. On the plus side, they do still let us make phone calls, so we're soldiering on.