Saturday, September 05, 2015

A Day In The Life

Let's discuss my boring life

~ Waited for my mom's pension check, and it didn't show up. Getting my day off to a slow start. At least I got a good book in the mail.

~ Headed off shopping, the only highlights were buying a blu ray player and a 5 cup coffee maker.

~ Didn't get to the grocery store until 3 pm,  meaning I had to make supper while trying to put everything away. In other words my dining room and kitchen exploded.

~ Made an awesome Dog Food Crescent Pie

~ Spent the rest of the night watching The Doctor's Finest on BBC America


Mike said...

I've got to get a blu-ray player one of these days. One that will up convert DVD's. And maybe play VHS tapes too. If I feed the tape juuuust right....