Friday, September 18, 2015

Let's Talk About The Debate

I've kind of been getting my political info via MSNBC. I've watched more Trump speeches than I care to admit too.

Seriously how can anyone support this guy?

I've watched parts of the recent debate and I have to say

How can anyone support any of those idjits?

I'm not saying the idjits on the Democratic side are any better, but they seeming talk a bit more sense. And yes, I'm a bleeding heart liberal, but I also know that somewhere out there there have to be some moderates on both sides.

Where did they go?

Why are we all wingnuts?

Also..why couldn't any of those candidates pick a woman for the 10 dollar bill. Seriously one chose Mother Theresa and another Maggie Thatcher.


Susan B Anthony was a good choice but she did have her face on that ill fated dollar coin that circulated in the 70s/80s.

Rosa Parks too, I will not argue with and even Abigail Adams..

But out of 11 candidates they didn't have a very original thought....

But back to Trump, how can one man that should really be intelligent for all his business dealings be so freaking offensive and yet have so many people supporting him?

That my friends is what scares me. That and Carly Fiorina...she's a bit terrifying too.


Diane said...

Trump is an asshat, plain and simple. He is drawing all the bigots out of their nasty red corners. Carly Fiorina is poison! I worked for Hewlett Packard in the 1990s in San Diego and still had friends there after I left. She completely ruined HP - the employees hated her! Now they have that hag Meg Whitman (from eBay)running the company and adding insult to injury. If Carly or The Donald get elected, I'm seriously thinking of heading north to Canada!