Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Sick Of Hearing About iPhones

I'm sick of everything made by Apple actually. Yes, it is a quality brand. However there are other quality brands out there.

Apple is a status symbol and that's it.

I've spent the last week listening to my sister go on and on about the iPhone she ordered.

Uh, have no life and very few friends..why are you spending all this money on a stupid cell phone?

Oh yes, because your spoiled rotten son wants one, and you have to have one before him.

That would be like me getting an iPhone. I call my mom and one or 2 other people with my phone, not worth it to have a phone that costs more than I'm worth.

We are a nation of idiots that care more about gadgets than human beings and human contact.

It is truly sad.

I could not care less what kind of phone I have, as long as it can make calls, and long as my goodreads app works on it. (It didn't on that piece of crap Motorola Citrus)

The more people I meet..the more I know I'm better off being a crazy cat lady


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I agree with you; Apple people are some sort of tech cult!