Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cat Thursday

After all the sadness of the past few weeks. I wanted to find some funny pictures or at least ones to make you say Awwww!


Jane Carraway said...

Andrea, I was so sorry to learn about the loss of your fur baby. I hope your sadness is starting to get a little more bearable.

You picked out some good Cat Thursday pix. The first one made me literally LOL. Luckily I was alone, and didn't have to explain the spontaneous laughter for no apparent reason.

Jane at Jane Reads

Heather C. said...

I love the selfies! Thanks for some great funnies.

Mike said...

A cat we had gifted us with a mouse that was still alive. It took me 3 days to catch it.

rashbre said...

I like the cat selfies!

You've probably seen the cat dressed as a shark riding a roomba, with a duck.

If you somehow missed it, its here:

Kate Campbell said...

These are all lovely. My favourite is the kitty in the knitwaer. His face hehehe

Michelle Miller said...

Andrea, you never fail to find some of the funniest I've seen! That selfies one...hilarious! And I think I have the 10 things covered. My kitties love me! They really love me!

Thanks for the fun. =O)