Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Big News Of The Week

Duchess Catherine (note I don't call her Kate Middleton) is pregnant. Big whoop tee do. Sure she's going to produce the heir to the throne of England, but geeze that kid is actually 4th in line to the throne..after Grandpap Charles and his daddy. It doesn't seem much to get excited about. Plus poor mom to be is puking her guts (and mind you, Catherine doesn't have much in that area) up with an extreme case of morning sickness. Such sickness sending her to the hospital, and giving the media cause to speculate she may have twins! GAH! What a way to produce the sibling rivalry from hell. Cos the kid that comes out second is not going to be happy about that. However, I'd rather hear about Kate's pregnancy woos over the Fiscal Cliff that our inept Congress is about to send us over. How about we push all of them off the cliff and start over?