Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Music Apps Will Be The Death Of Me

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Let me tell you, there are strange songs coming out of our TV when I get home from work. She's found all the music she listened to as a young girl at the canteens and then she listens to the Irish station, usually Celtic Thunder.

Thanks to the Celtic Thunder station I've discovered a band called The High Kings. If you like Celtic Thunder before they really jumped the shark a few years ago, you will love The High Kings. I recommend checking out "The Irish Pub Song." It will have you laughing and singing. It will probably stick in your head too.

I'm kind of peeved that these apps don't have the new Celtic Thunder album streaming yet.  X has a few songs I really liked from their last special on it. They finally got around to doing a version of The Wild Rover. It is nowhere near as good as The Dubliners, but its such a fun song. Plus anything that gives Ryan Kelly some extra singing time, always makes me happy. I kind of crush on that little Irish cutie.

Yesterday I came home to The Monkees station which amused me. That wasn't what I was expecting. My nephew seems to prefer the Peter, Paul & Mary station when he has to chose for her. Myself, I enjoy the Gordon Lightfoot channel, because you get a nice mix of folk music, along with Gord's great tunes.

I wonder what the Elvis Costello channel will play, besides Elvis Costello.