Thursday, July 07, 2016

Remember When?

TV networks are cheap.

We can see that by all the reality crap that they put on every day.


But what really gets me is when talk shows are reruns.

Come on? Are we that cheap? Apparently so.

I hate when stuff like the Tonight Show etc aren't new. I mean why can't they get guest hosts when Jimmy is off? They did it for Johnny Carson back in the day. Surely there are enough people that can do the job?

These shows involve pop culture and world news. Reruns are just...blech!

Its bad enough we don't get any good tv in the summer.

Dear TV execs, some of us can't afford to go on vacation. I know I never will see another one in my life...yeah and I'm just 42.


So could you at least give me something to watch, besides Ancient Aliens.

Oh and a side note to Stephen Moffat, screw you for keeping Doctor Who off my telly until Christmas


Mike said...

"...the Tonight Show etc aren't new."