Thursday, June 09, 2016

Sad Stories

The last two books I read were tear jerkers. The first book, Forever Beach by Shelley Noble was actually a really good read. The cover gives it an illusion of being a beach read, but it was anything but. It dealt with children in foster situations and a young woman who was once in the system trying to adopt a child.

The second one was Saving Abby by Steena Holmes. This once was a tear jerker and it was depressing at the same time. It was also the kind of book that you knew what the outcome would be at the end, however you will wan to know how you got there. I enjoyed this book, but there were parts that I didn't understand as it was about a young woman who couldn't conceive after having one child in her teenage years, that she gave up for adoption. She then gets pregnant but has horrible headaches and fatigue that she tries to brush off as pregnancy hormones.

So you see where I'm coming from. If a friend of yours slept most of their day away and then had migraine type headaches, wouldn't you be likely to assume it was something more than pregnancy hormones? And when she is diagnosed she doesn't see anyone other than her general practice doctor? Huh?


Both books left me with a desire to read something happy. I was burned out on romance before reading these two books. I can safely say I can probably go back to that genre now...or any other genre, because these two books have definitely been downers.


rashbre said...

I agree its a good idea to mix it up with reading. And it is always interesting to have books to make one think.