Friday, June 17, 2016

Back to Dear John

OK, so I've been watching the US and UK version of this show, as most of you know. We all know I huge Old Man Crush on Judd Hirsch.

I absolutely adore the US version, but after seeing the UK one, I find it more disappointing, because they tried to make the US version more sophisticated. Of course, even when Judd Hirsch plays a schmuck, he plays a smart schmuck.

The problem is, the original John Lacey was a little bit of loser, not the smart kind hearted guy that Hirsch played. The John Lacey in the UK version is more "real" to the ridiculous. He's a lot more self deprecating.

The Kate and Kirk banter is much more amusing in the UK version too. A little nastier, but that is what makes it funny. Especially as Kirk isn't really good looking. Jere Burns who plays that part, is actually very easy on the eyes.

Louise is fabulous in the UK version too and that's saying a lot because Jane Carr who plays the part in the US version is great.

Much more sexual innuendo too.

I really wish these shows were available on DVD so I could totally binge out on them.