Sunday, January 11, 2015

Things To Think About In 2015

How in the hell am I going to buy a house? There's a small one in town that is very reasonable and looks to be in good condition. I hope it is something doable in the new year. Unfortunately there's the whole, what to do with the old house thing going on.

How to get my life back. I have to say, life after dad, has not been easy. At every turn, I feel like I'm being kicked, and even worse, I feel like I have no friends anymore. My life is very lonely, and I'm not saying it to make anyone feel sorry for me, it is just how it is.

I want to become less dependent on the computer. It is happening slowly but surely, but it isn't easy at all.

I want to renew my love of music this year. I have found another band to love....Owl City. I think they fall under that strange genre known as twee. Seriously, who comes up with names for these types of music?


Bilbo said...

You do NOT "have no friends anymore." We may be virtual, but we're here!

Nikki-ann said...

I love Owl City's Fireflies song.