Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Am Angry

There is still no sign of anything being done with my car.

I have no problem with the car I have from the rental company, but I want them to start work on my damn car.

Make up your mind if you want to consider the incident under comprehensive or collision. It has been 18 days.

My car is sitting at the repair shop waiting.

It hasn't been started in probably 10 days, which means when the temps were below zero, no one tried the engine.

If anything happens to my head gasket as a result, I swear I will open a can of whoop ass on AllState. Becaue I hate to tell you, you aren't in good hands, when mayhem happens. They will treat you like crap.

And it isn't safe to drive a car that doesn't have a doorknob on the passenger side with the airbag light on.