Saturday, August 02, 2014


I am so sick of the way people discuss the current president.

First of all, he should be addressed as President Obama.

He was elected to that position and that's the title that remains his even after he's out of office. He isn't Mr. Obama. He isn't Obama.


Just as our second Bush president wasn't W, though everyone chose to address him as such.

It shows a lack of respect.

You may not like the political leanings of these men, but they do deserve the respect that any world leader should get.

Some of the Brits don't like the Queen, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't dare call her anything other than Her Majesty. (regardless of whether you think she has majesty).

Heck, I think it is horrific that the media continues to call the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

She's married.

That isn't her name anymore.

And if I were married to Wills or Harry, I wouldn't want my maiden name either. Personally, if I were married to Harry, I would be busy doing other things, rather than typing a blog post.

Now what have we learned today, children?


rashbre said...

It's a bit naughty, but sometimes Queen Elizabeth II gets referred to as Madge.