Saturday, July 26, 2014

Let The Ranting Continue

~ I'm sick of hearing about 50 Shades Of Grey...they movie. I could almost deal with hearing about the books, which don't interest me, but the movie is just meh.

~ Unless you or your loved one is ready for the grim reaper, do not go on hospice, because if you have any other medical emergencies, you will be sucked dry by hospital bills.

~ My cute Irish boys are coming to Pittsburgh in Sept. I hate not being able to go anywhere

~ Crossbones is cancelled before I could even catch up with watching it. Damn you NBC. How can you cancel a show with John Malkovich? HOW!

~ So sick of hearing about everyone's vacations when I can't go anywhere. Yes, I'm a jealous bitch, no, I can't help it.

~ My nephew doesn't know how to pick up after himself. He's getting a bit too old for this bull shit.