Friday, July 25, 2014

Another Reason Walmart Sucks

I like to think I'm a good cook.

However, all cooks are only as good as their ingredients.

Which brings me to my rant today.

Walmart's meat department is lousy.

I bought a package of chicken breasts, so I could make slow cooker sweet and sour chicken. In the morning I cut the meat up, so that my nephew could toss it into the pot for me, since chicken cooks faster than roast and it would have to go on while I was at work.

Cutting the meat was tough.

Then came eating the meat.


It was terrible.

My sauce was good, with the lovely green peppers and pineapple. My rice was yummy too.

The chicken was tough and just plain yucky.

I stopped buying stew meat there, because it was always tough.

Now I'm totally done.

I'm sick of them talking about how they have low low prices.

Thank you, no!

I'll stick with Aldi, Giant Eagle and Foodland, because I'd rather pay a little more (and from my shopping trip, they weren't all that low on their prices) and get quality food.



Mike said...

This is a good grrrrr. No sense buying food that's no fun to eat.