Monday, July 14, 2014

Bucket List

When you sit around your house all day taking care of people, your mind starts to wander.

When you hit 40 and you feel like you've done nothing with your life, your mind goes on vacation.

My mind wants to go a lot of places, but most aren't possible now.

I have started bucket list of places I want to go before I die.

Thousand Islands, NY: I want to explore all the gorgeous castles there.
Put In Bay, OH: I read a book set  in this town this year, and it looks like a place I'd love to visit.
Chicago, IL: My other mother (my online bff for the last 10 + years) lives there.
Blackwater Falls State Park, WV (I love waterfalls)
Natural Bridge in Virginia
I'd also love to see the New River Gorge Bridge in OH and the Y Bridge in Zanesville, OH
Tours of the Wineries in PA

If I would somehow manage to fall into buckets of cash....I'd add London to my list too.


rashbre said...

That's a super list and I hope you can take the first steps towards some of those great places.