Sunday, July 13, 2014

Diary Of An Exhausted Caregiver

Here are a few random things I've learned in the last few years taking care of my parents. It is something everyone should have in the back of their heads, unless they have shittons of money and can afford a personal nurse or a great assisted living home.

1. Wiping adult bums is a lot more painful than a baby's backside.

2. Heath Insurance companies are all asshats.

3. Hospice is not fun and some of the nurses are damn annoying. (Other nurses and aids are angels)

4. Check your life at the door, you won't have one for awhile. (There will be times when you feel guilty for wishing you had one)

5. No one  seems to understand what you are going through.

6. Sleep is a thing of the past.

7. It is never easy to deal with a loved one saying that they should be dead, when all you want is more time.

8. Your house will never be clean.

9. Your nerves will be shot.

10. Respite from caregiving is often not an option.

That said....I hope that none of you have to go through this. Watching a loved one in their last days, no matter if it is days, weeks or a terrible thing to do.


Bilbo said...

Not much I can say, other than that I should have stopped on my way back from Pittsburgh last weekend and given you a sympathetic hug. Good luck. Your parents are lucky to have you.