Friday, May 30, 2014

As Always The News Is About Dad

Dad has been in the hospital for a week. That's primarily why I've been an absentee blogger. I just don't have the time or the words anymore. He had a bad reaction to a medication and then he developed and infection and as always, a very low blood count.

I'm trying desperately to get my life in order. To find some semblance of sanity somewhere. So far, I'm having no luck.

I'm also trying a new diet.

Caregiving is fattening, especially when there's no way of getting out of the house. When I'm not home, my nephew is in charge, and when he's sleeping, I am. And when dad's in the hospital, we all worry. When I worry, I eat.

In the last 3 years, the weight I've gained is embarrassing. I'm not a lazy person. I'm always running around, but I'm a stress eater. I admit that. And I love potato chips.

I'm doing the whole protein shake thing right now. I'm hoping it can at least jump start my metabolism, which I think is a bit sluggish. Thanks for the wonky thyroids, from mom's side of the family.

The taste, is not so terrible, but not so great either, but it does seem to curb my hunger a bit.

And combine it with depression that has me sleeping at 8:30, well, at least I can't eat in my sleep.

Here's hoping things start to look up soon. Cos my nerves are shot.


Deirdre said...

What shake mix are you using? I have used Shakeology and it tastes great but it's pricey so I don't buy it consistently. I also use IdealShape.

I hope your Dad gets to feeling better and you see results and feel better too with your protein shake mix. *hugs*