Saturday, April 05, 2014

I'm So Proud Of Me

I bought a cloudwalker type exercise machine. Basically, I can't get to the gym because of my father's health. Unfortunately, that results in my butt expanding.

I can't afford fancy equipment and we don't have space for it either, but I found a machine I could push into the living room so I could walk while watching tv at night.

Yay me!

I did about an hour tonight watching Sherlock!

That's good for a start.

Anything can help at this point.

I don't know if I'll lose any weight, but I figure if I'm on that machine, I'm not stress eating, so it can't be that bad. Plus the machine is pretty quiet and folds up if necessary, to lean against a wall.

So wish me luck!


rashbre said...

How brilliant ! Go Andrea!

(I'll have to look up 'cloudwalker' though cos I don't know exactly what it is!)

I sometimes watch telly when I'm stuck indoors on a turbo cycling thingy. Sometimes I notice my cycling will slow down in the suspenseful parts!