Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nook Simple Touch Sucks

I'm a Nook lover.  I have several generations of the Nook ereader.

The first generation no frills ereader was the absolute best. I probably never would have upgraded my device had the reader not fallen out of the shoddy Barnes and Noble case. Note to anyone buying the overpriced covers from B & N...DON'T! They aren't sturdy. The cases they sell at 5 Below are better quality! And if you want to overpay...even Walmart has better cases then the ones at B & N.

But back to the Simple Touch...with Glolight.

I've had this basic reader for about 2 years now, because I wanted something I could easily tote around. Nook Color is HEAVY! And I don't want to carry around my Nook HD + in my purse, so I've kept on using the old reader.

Well in the last few weeks, the Simple Touch has decided it doesn't want to let me unlock the device, except when it feels like it. Oh and something more fun! It decided I shouldn't read the book I was halfway through.

No joke, it pulled a nook book from my library and would not let me search for the book I had been reading. (I get a lot of ebooks from authors that don't come from B & N or books that come from Net Galley for review)

It isn't even rebooting properly!

I swear to god, if it doesn't start functioning correctly, I'm tossing it out the window!


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I hope you resolve your nook problems. E-readers have lots of unanticipated difficulties.

Nikki-ann said...

What are the manufacturers like on after sales? I've got a Kindle and have heard some great stories of Amazon either completely replacing a non-working Kindle or giving a discount on a new one. I don't know about Nooks (they're not as popular here as Kindles), but Amazon don't make a profit on the e-reader, they make it on the e-books.