Sunday, February 09, 2014

Enough About The Beatles

OK, so it was 50 years ago that The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.

A milestone in music history, yes, I agree with that. I agree that something like that can never happen again, but lordy, is there nothing else to talk about.

Half the band is dead and in the case of Lennon, who was THE founding member...well he's been dead a very very very long time.

We have Paul and Ringo...not a Beatles reunion folks, just two old friends. A Beatles reunion would need a miracle from God, cos Lennon and Harrison would have to rise from the dead.

And really, what more can be said about this performance that wasn't said 10 years ago at the 40th anniversary of the performance?

Not much I tell you.

It is all rehashing of old news.

Now I'm not slamming The Beatles in any way. I love them. They are one of the bands that shaped my life, but I think this is a bit much.

That being said...

It was 50 years ago today....


rashbre said...

There doesn't seem to have been much attention to this over here in Blighty.