Monday, January 20, 2014

TV That I Can Watch And Watch

There aren't many episodes of any show that I can watch multiple times...

Allow me to share some that I can watch...and I can tell you...most are British...

Doctor Who:

Vincent And The Doctor: Fighting aliens and Vincent Van Gogh. Oh I dare you not to cry at the end.

The Name of The Doctor, The Night Of The Doctor, The Day Of The Doctor: The 50th trilogy...and The Time of The Doctor and you have several hours of absolute brilliance featuring a bunch of Doctors...

The Unicorn & The Wasp: Agatha Christie and The Doctor! Nuff said.

The Eleventh Hour: Matt Smith's debut episode...4 fingers and custard.


Scandal In Belgravia: Benedict in a blanket....Fangirls everywhere die.

The Empty Hearse: #Sherlock Lives


Series 1 - 3...they are all good as long as Richard Coyle is in them. (He's my forgotten TV boyfriend)

The Monkees:

The Christmas Episode: Riu Chiu....most beautiful Christmas song ever, and Davy falling off the top of the tree.


rashbre said...

We still get some repeats of the original Monkees and they are definitely still very watchable.